Society is and has been vulnerable to 'herd mentality' It may or may not be worse today but because of the speed of social media it often looks or may be as such. That said there in almost any endeavour are those in society who run against the herd or if not against at least not on the exact same tack while going in the same general direction the herd is.

Film shooting is no different than many other examples. Niche's in life have and always will exist. Some grow large, some remain small, others ebb and flow the with the times and mood of society. We should stop predicting the death of film and much other stuff and just go out and shoot it, for film, use it experience it and enjoy it, whatever it may be film or other things in life and or that interest each of us. Being apart of the herd at times has its place but life often is much more rewarding when we each run off in our own directions and ways at times too.