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Have you asked the folks at New55? I'd ask before calling them unkind names and accuse them of unkind things..
Very good point, it was wrong for me to call them charlatans. And regarding FP4, you're certainly right---film holders are cheap and so is sheet film (in comparison to type 55 anyway), but the instant positive AND negative is very intriguing to me.

Not only to judge exposure and lighting as how it was used in the past frequently, but also to instantly see how a particular negative may print. With New55 anyway, you get a positive and negative, you don't have to choose which is most important (development is the same for both, and they are rated at the same speed, unlike Type 55).

A print within 2 minutes is something that's kind of amazing, even in today's digital world. I certainly hope New55 is real. I suppose I just have my doubts; New55 isn't being as transparent about their process and invention as The Impossible Project has been. Perhaps that's a good thing; when it's ready we'll have a more finished product than Impossible film has proven to be.

I hope Impossible tries harder to recreate Polaroid film and not just satisfy hipsters. Urban Outfitters won't be cool forever.