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Have you asked the folks at New55? I'd ask before calling them unkind names and accuse them of unkind things..

Regarding the Impossible Project, they seem to have been working and producing. I'm not excited enough about the price or quality to buy and experiment with it, but they seem to be dedicated to their goal.

Regarding T-55... it was OK but I still can't understand the worship it gets. Load some film holders with FP-4 and shoot your heart out!
Ok, I'd never heard of New55 until this thread. From my misreading of the OP, I arrived at the incorrect conclusion that New55 was an undertaking of the Impossible Project. I am better educated now, and I realize it is not. Mea Culpa.

BrianShaw, I said nothing unkind in the rest of my post. I am a buyer and a user of Impossible Project Silver Shade and Color Shade instant film, so I am qualified to express my opinion of those products. My remarks about contrast and resolution of the Impossible films is completely true. If you don't believe me, try some yourself. That the Impossible Project appears to be designing their product to appeal to lomographers is just my opinion based on my experience with the product. Notice I said "appears". If they are actually targeting conventional Polaroid users, the kind of people that now use Fuji Instant film or nothing at all, then they are missing the mark. One of the founders, Dr. Florian Kaps, is a former leading manager of the Lomographic Society. It is not hard to imagine that the lomographic aesthetic would factor into their product development. I am not saying this is wrong or bad, only that it's not going to appeal to the same people who own most of the Polaroid cameras that are in existence. Sadly, most of those people likely couldn't afford the IP film, even if it was similar to Polaroid film.

I also did not say that New55 would be a bad product. I said if Impossible makes a new 55, I very much doubt it will bear any resemblance to the Polaroid Type 55, and I won't have any interest in it.

Not an unkind word in my entire post.