Here's a very nice Vivitar 35ES in black (and honestly I don't think they came in another color). This as you may already know is related to the Minolta Hi-Matic 7sii, but with a few differences. Actually I believe this, the 7sii, the Revue 400 and all similar were made by Cosina. This one has a nice clean and bright viewfinder and rangefinder patch. It has a very clean and fungus-free lens, shutter & aperture seem to still be working fine (has been months since I've used it), self-timer works well, has nice action, comes with an Olympus lens filter (UV) and lens cap and has been completely re-sealed (including the important and odd-shaped film canister pad). Lens focusing is stiffer than some similar rangefinders of this same size (Canonet), but not by much. Actually this is a positive if you're doing street photography and using one set distance. Overall this camera is very decent in appearance, but there is an area of paint...blemish, oddity? around the viewfinder window and the "f" in the abbreviation "ft" on the distance ring has been damaged. Personally I'd just touch the shutter ring up with some black paint and leave it at that, but I left it alone. Other than street photography you may have little need for zone-focusing, after all. Should be a fine one for you and this camera has always been known to take sharp photos. Has a 40mm f: 1.7 lens, shutter speeds from 8 to 500 and B. $65 plus actual postage.

PayPal ok for international but check/cash/money order for domestic sales please.