Hi there,
I have shot some 120 rolls of Pan F 50. The subjects were studio lit and medium SBR.
I plan to print the 6x6 negatives directly on Pd.
I rated the film at 25 ISO, planning to develop accordingly in order to have better shadow separation.
Now I'm debating whether a 25 ISO development with a traditional developer (Rodinal) would yield a too low density range for Pd.
If I developed for 50 ISO to increase contrast, I might raise the overall tones too much.
Therefore, I was thinking about using Pyro. I ordered some PMK and I'm reading Hutching's book about it.
A plus about pyro would be that if I need some enlarged silver prints, the negatives would be perfectly crafted for that purpose too (provided that I don't mess up!).
I did some pyro development before, and I don't know if using Rodinal would give good results without going through the whimsical character of pyro.

I shot a test roll just for experimenting purposes, but I would like some advice from experts.