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I have an old 200B I'd be happy to donate to your cause. Have not used it in 3 years so the batterries may or may not still hold a charge. It does have a good charger and I know of a source locally here in So Cal that still sells the batteries if this one does not work.
WOW! This is an old thread revived! Thank You! I am in an extremely rural area with no camera shops or repair facilities. I would not mind trying to use this 200B at the urge of others here. I must admit ignorance on this matter in that I do not really quite understand how it will work. But, I feel sure in time I could sort it out. If not I could at least find a new home for it. I have a few friends visiting this Autumn for a Photo Work Shop/getaway of sorts. Perhaps they will be able to assist me with using this as a flash for my beloved speed graphic.

Thanks again for your assistance and for breathing new life into an old thread.