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No doubt. I have maybe 45,000 clicks on ALL my cameras over ALL my time in the hobby. It boggles the mind that one could fire off so many shots in just the few short months the D800 has been around.

I dont think I could sustain interest in photography with so many images.
Remember that pre-scouted location and 4:30am wake-up for me? Well, I made it out there on time. It took a while to set up the 8x10, compose, focus, and manage the image. Then I waited for sunrise and a 15 minute window between moving tree shadows. When it arrived I loaded holders into the camera, metered the required exposure, and...

Got my two (2) hard-earned shutter clicks for the day.

The first as metered. The second slightly overexposed to support the shadows in case I made an error while metering.


P.S. Lots of strange looks from the occasional passing car, but no public seminars today. Too early for anyone to be out on a Sunday morning, I guess.