Hi Athiril,

I have used old Agfa and newer Fuji colour papers (can't remember the actual paper details) without any issues. The B&W developer I use is Dektol, I use a stopbath (1.5 lt water and a splash of vinegar), and Tetenal RA4 chems used cool as I have a fixed speed Durst RCP20. My times are B&W developer 3mins, Stop 30 secs, lights on for 60 secs, the paper staying in the stop while lights on, plunge into fresh water then into the Durst. It has 2.5 min to travel through each of the RA4 chemsitry.

I will have to confirm if I dilute the Dektol or not. I found if I did not stop the development of the B&W developer the image would process white (I could see the image turning black in a water bath with the lights on) the vinegar I found to be just right for my environment. My agfa paper gives me a straw coloured base due to the age of it and thermal stressing it has seen. My lights are two 75W globes on the ceiling about 1.5m away from the developing bench. I try not to cast a shadow on the print while expose to light.