I think it has to do with what you're trying to accomplish. Is your intent to make photographs that displays your work as a series, or are you simply interested in something that looks interesting? Do you work based on projects? Or do you take pictures because you think it's so much fun?

Why do you practice photography?

I try to work with a few projects of things. So I don't lift my camera unless there's something that fits those projects. But then there's the happy snapshooting part of me where if I see something cool, I feel like I HAVE TO photograph it. The sad truth is, though, that most of those in the latter snapshooting category never get printed. I would wager 99% of them don't. But perhaps it's good practice, I don't know.
Definitely, however, I do try to work with a purpose, limiting myself to what I take pictures of, in order to be able to give each picture more attention, to fully realize the idea I had at the point of taking the picture, to see it through, all the way to the end of the process with at least a work print to decide whether it's worth pursuing further or not. That way I don't get so backlogged with what I want to print.

I hope that helps.