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For some time bothering me question whether the personal style of photography can be a limiting factor.Sometimes you don't photograph because of moral or ethical principles and that is OK.Do you sometimes not record a shot because it does not fit your style?What would you choose:a good photograph that doesn't fit your style or not to take photo (assuming that will be published)?
IMO - What you choose to photograph IS part of your style. I've also seen that a photographer's style is seen by others more readily than by the photographer themselves (not always, but it seems to be common). What you shoot and how you present it are your style - it obviously has to start with what makes you see something and click that shutter. If you see something that isn't your style, are you even going to notice it? If you're working for pay, you would presumably put your eye/brain connection into the mode of looking for images that fit the contract - not your style because you're working for someone else and sorta borrowing their aesthetic and style.