Ansel Adams's The Print. It's all you really need to get started. Other photographers then took that book, changed/personalized a few procedures to make them more convoluted, and sold their own books.

Combined with Adams, for the most up-to-date processing procedures with current materials (development, fixation, washing, toning), I would also strongly suggest looking at the technical publications/downloads from Ilford (and Kodak even though Kodak doesn't make printing papers anymore).

Ilford has a very good primer on printing with variable contrast papers/filters (this is where Adams doesn't have as much to say since at that time most serious printers still used graded papers).

This is the best way to get started and will take you VERY far with practice and work. Once you are more experienced, there are then some other techniques you can add (like split/multiple contrast printing and masking). But I would not recommend looking at any of that at this point. Even if you eventually want to learn those techniques, you'll find you don't need entire additional printing books as they are most often incomplete when it comes to advanced techniques anyway. Specific articles, publications, and workshops are far better for things like that.