From a recent interview with Michael Kenna:
Q. Can you give us messages to Japanese young photographers?
If you are in the arts or in any professional work life, you need determination, discipline, patience and perseverance. You also need a huge amount of good luck. I think it is good to be humble. One should appreciate every opportunity and go with the flow whenever possible. Just believe in yourself. Believe that you are unique, because EVERYBODY is unique. You have to find your own uniqueness, your own self. I think we fall down a little when we imitate others. Whatever happens, you have to continue to believe in yourself, your own inner voice and vision. No matter what everybody else is doing, somehow you need to connect into your own creativity. Follow that creativity. See where it leads you. Have faith that there is a destination for you, you do not need to envy or try to live any other person's life. Your life is precious. Don't underestimate your destiny.

I like that last sentence: "Don't underestimate your destiny."