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I understand. Believe me, I understand "I like Efke films and nothing else has the same look." What I didn't understand was needing specifically SLOW films in sheets. My fastest 4x5 lens is f/4.7 and that's fast for LF. My other two are 6.8 and 7.7, with the latter being a 203 Ektar, and the one most likely to be used for portraits where I might shoot near wide open. (I love that little lens.) It starts out nearly f/8 and add even a yellow filter, and the fact I don't shoot in bright sun...

I understand loving a film that's going away, believe me. (I found E100G after Astia was axed and then Kodak took it too ) I was just questioning needing a specifically very slow film for large format. Thought I concede some people may.
Well, I confess that I have used the Efke PL 25 M in sheet film. Is there a need for it. Of course not. I used it anyway because I can. I suppose that I could make images without using any film at all, but I like to make images using film. Of course it isn't good to loose any film or paper.