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I would suggest that if you think you have a style, you don't. I don’t mean that about you personally.
I say this about artists in general, especially "fine artists" ;)

But I do make a conscience effort to avoid photographic clichés--whether or not I succeed is a different matter! It’s a non-issue for me; if a shot feels cheesy I won’t take it. What I lose sleep over are good shots I miss because I was too slow or too sloppy to do them justice.

A couple of years ago, I turned down an internship with a local portrait photographer because her work made my eyes bleed. I may not have the best taste in the world, but I definitely think some people are "aesthetically challenged"(that doesn’t mean they’re bad people or anything). She does have a successful business, and I don't, so who can say who's right and who's wrong?