So, I'm walking on the path by the side of Bow Lake that takes you to Bow falls, a while ago. Lots of people. ( Banff Jasper Highway, Banff Park in Canada. )

Most of the people I pass have digital somethings with them. 20 years ago a guy with a Rolleiflex wouldn't have mattered a whit, but today I feel just a little out of place. A half dozen people have asked me if I can still get film for the thing. "Yes!" I say.

Behind a little group of trees with a nice view of the glacier there is an old guy, maybe even as old as myself with a Rolleiflex, like mine, and he's setting it up on a tripod.

He sees me and my Rolleiflex; then on cue we both say together in perfect unison......."Can you still get film for that?"

"No!" we cry, again in unison. "They don't make it any more!"