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I think this whole style thing is merely a marketing tool.

99% of styles were stolen from someone else anyway.

Some beginners say their out of focus poorly shot work is their style. It's not. It's a lack of expertise and craft.

Some people say their highly calculated work is their style. It's not it's their marketing plan.

Everyone has a way of working and seeing that is unique. Some people are good at it and some aren't. And most are a work in progress.

Anyone who is any good is evolving, and is, and always will be, excited about photography, and anyone doing the same shit over and over is not maintaining a style but instead stuck in a rut.

So forget about your style and let other people waste brain cells defining it. Just take pictures and let your mind in that instant take whatever moves you.

However if you are selling work, and a style is selling, by all means have at it, but don't limit yourself to doing just that.

Don't read your own press releases, because you know it's all bullshit.
I agree with you 95%, but will add that I think having a project, or a clearly defined goal, can help people stay focused and motivated. Shooting whatever sort of happenstance comes around is fun, but for someone like me that behavior creates a massive waste of film, and a very large pile of negatives that I never know what to do with. And I do see things of interest, all the time. Sometimes a little bit of organization is a good thing.