This is where the analogue = technically flawed aesthetic is bringing us. It appears that there is people who uses some kind of digital filters that play havoc with colour and sharpness to give a supposedly analogue and old-fashioned look to digital pictures, including the fake black rebate.

Some examples:

(be courageous and browse the entire slide show below)

I understand everybody is free to write whatever filter they want and people is also free to use it.

I don't think it is entirely legal to use a RVP black rebate that way and I think Fujifilm might have some legitimate objections.

This entire wave contributes to spread the idea that film is for weird effects rather than for quality.

We should be positive and friendly toward anybody asking us questions about film cameras (do we still find film for it, why on earth should we use film etc.) and stress the quality film delivers, besides the other reasons for using it.

If I were Fujifilm I'd be very pissed.