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Color-sensitising by Bathing, by T. Thorne Baker, pgs. 83-86, Process Engraver's Monthly, Volume 14, 1907.

"The following dyes may be used for bathing where red sensitiveness is wanted:-

Pinacyanol (Fuerst)
Pinachrome (Fuerst)
Orthochrome T. (Fuerst)
Homocol (Bayer)
Pericol (Bayer)
Isocol (Bayer)

With the exception of pinacyanol and pericol, all the above greatly enhance the green-yellow sensitiveness as well, and hence render the plates panchromatic, though the only dye which gives anything approaching an even sensitiveness throughout the spectrum without marked maxima and minima is homocol plus ammonia, and where ammonia can be left out of the question, I strongly recommend it, as plates treated with an isocyanine derivative plus ammonia keep indifferently, and rapidly deteriorate in color-sensitiveness."