In celebration of my retirement from teaching, I've decided to give myself the chance to get good and lost, or at least good and far away from what I know. I will be heading out in mid September on a drive west, taking mostly US Rt 2. Starting after an obligatory visit to the home of the Great Yellow Father in Rochester, NY, I will go up through Lake Huron to Manitoulin Island and then west and back into the States at Sault Ste Marie. From there its westward, all the way to Bellingham, WA, where my son lives. Whether I head to Southern California and then east by the canyonlands and a wide circle of the south is a matter to be decided after I have lived on the road for a few weeks. I may just tire of my own company and hightail it back, but I think not.

So... I'm up for suggestions that might kick me into a serious photo project on the way. I think I'll be taking just my Speed Graphic and a venerable Mamiya TLR with a few lenses (the nameplate on the body is long gone and I paid $10 for it at a sale, but it works fine). I am not likely to take any 35mm equipment. The 8x10 is tempting, but I think it may be too much. I have lots of 4x5 and 120 film. I will shoot all B&W film. iphone shots in color will be reference images for paintings to be completed back in the studio.