Hello, Jeff and Sirius,

Yeah, it is neat! I've been invited to present it at APIS in 2013. Good things about this process are:

  • Fine grain: as in none up to just apparent (depends on how much ascorbate you add to afo)
  • Controllable contrast: boost contrast by substituting a drop or two of plain sodium ferric oxalate for the afo-c); reduce contrast by sizing paper with arrowroot starch or gum arabic (clear gum arabic prints with 2% HCL acid!), or by substituting platinum or palladium for gold on a drop for drop ratio, or just use rag cotton vellum
  • Full tonal range: retain shadow detail and also highlight detail with straight afo-c and 10% gold
  • Economical: gold for an 8x10 costs $2.25 at current price; about $1.40 for my whole plate negatives
  • Dry print out by inspection -- you brush on the sensitizer and place the print in a dark, dry place and when fully dry, print
  • First bath is usually ice water to keep the print from darkening further
  • Clear in usual acid/water/edta/water/hypo clear/water/edta/water succession of baths

With this process, I can make a lovely print on the spur of the moment...