Greetings and salutations all. This is my first post by the way. I was wondering if you could assist me on a lens I would dearly like to obtain. I have a good possibility in getting the above-mentioned lens. There is a hitch however: The present owner states that the aperture setting is stuck at f 1.2 . He says it used to work fine, but hasn't used it in a few years. He believes reason the aperture is stuck "is that the internal lubrication has migrated onto the aperture blades and oiled them so they would need to be cleaned" . Now, I really have wanted to get this lens and am willing to take the risk to a certain extent. My problem is: 1). getting it professionally repaired seems like it's going to be an issue. Preliminary searches for my area (Montreal, Canada) has come up negative. So, I am floating a request to anyone out there if they know of anyone who would service a Canadian customer. My alternative is to see if I can repair myself. I did some research and could pull off some minor disassembling to clean the aperture blades.. but nothing more. So my second question is: would you recommend repairing myself, or am I nutz to even consider this "big in a polk"?

Anyways, and input would be greatly appreciated.