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I have in front of me this evening a Canolite D in a little plastic sack with a note reading "intermittent" in my handwriting. I think that's because the tabs are broken off the plastic battery door. A clever person could fix that. It will light up with batteries in it and the top held down. Or you could just have your least photogenic child hold the top down all the time.
A Braun F16B (uses 4 AA batteries). Also has the cord with it.
Vivitar Auto 215 (uses 2 AA batteries)
JC Penney (2 AA batteries) also has cord with it.
GAF Pocket Lite (styled like the Canolite D) but a dumb flash unlike the Canolite. The clever person mentioned above might be able to swap the Canolite and Pocket Lite insides and use the battery door of the Pocket Lite. Or not.
FlashMagic by ImageTech. Uses one AA battery and for a tiny flash does an ok job.

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