So I bought a 70mm back for my Mamiya off of eBay, when I got it there were two spools inside and the takeup spool still contained film. Now they reels could have been switched, but I contacted the seller who informed me it was from NASA as they were selling off old equipment.

I have NO idea what kind of film it is except that it's non-perforated even though the back is SUPPOSED to take perforated 70mm it's not really necessary as long as you can count since the frame counter relies on the perforations.

Anyway I've taken some snippets, developed one in B&W film and it came out spotty which made it look like it had dirt all over it, and then just did one in E-6 which produced what appears to be a correct (but blank) exposed film piece, basically clear pale pinkish-orange color.

My question is, if this fillm were say a C-41 film would it still come out looking like it had been processed correctly? Since the snippets I took were from the exposed film sticking out of the spool, I know it's already fully exposed, but I don't want to waste a good frame till I know for sure which process to use.

Any additional advice would be appreciated. Heck maybe I can find out that the moon landing was faked!

The pre processed film has a dark back with a grey-khaki colored emulsion side could almost be described as green military khaki color (like the tan-lighter green part of camouflage patterns).

After the first developer the film is completely dark grey.

After the color developer the film is the same color, dark grey.

After the Blix the film is translucent light orange-pink.

So is this indeed color reversal film? Or could it be other films?

The back is from the 80's so the film could be too. The only other 70mm film I've processed so far (all B&W types) have not had any markings to indicate the film type at all. So the film may not have markings even when properly processed...

I've tried to be as thorough as possible.


Thanks! ~Stone