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In this B&W example, it looks great, but there is no assurance that all 3 layers are developed properly and so you can get all kinds of shifts when it is bleached and developed in a color developer.

Rodinal 1 hour stand worked reasonably well in that regard for me on C-41 film in the past as had 1+25 with salt for 8 minutes got great results, obviously not the same as normal process, but nice images.

Considering if its shot at box speed, and the scene looks like probably extremely high temp late in the afternoon then probably yes, Id guess quite blue biased.

Either way looks like a very nice b&w film in the worst scenario

Ive found Rodinal to work well at various dilutions rehal'ing to colour so my feeling would be that the colour temp and exposure once balanced it should be good.

Ive found it to be poor in one case.. on Vision Print Film, good b&w at various speeds, terrible colour (CD-2 split bath has thus far provided the best in camera usage).

Of course.. only one way to find out