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Welcome to APUG Bandi.

It's an Ernemann Klpapp, which has a large focal plane shutter,. It looks like it'll need an awful lot of restoration and you'll have difficulty finding some of the parts easily. A lens should be less difficult as it probably had a Tessar.

Not the ideal large format camera project to start off with, although it's the kind of challenge I enjoy. On a more practical side the camera's lack of movements will make it less useful in the long run.

Dear Ian,

Thank you for the quick answer. For me is also the challenge, what gives a push to make it.
The comfortability is not a question. I was walking one week long around Prague with a Sinar Norma just because I wanted to show, it is possible to use a Cardan camera as a Field one

Do you think maybe, if i can't find a small but necessary part for resoration, then i can find somewhere somebody who can craft or customly make it?
Or should i search another piece of "junk" to renovate?
The main point for me in this camera is the inbuilt shutter, nothing else. Maybe You know another brand who have similar kind of camera?