This is a special offer for inhabitants of the 12 newest EU countries:
(Cypress – Estonia – Latvia – Lithuania – Malta – Poland – Slovakia – Slovenia – Czeck Rep –Hungary – Bulgaria and Rumania)

(For others: read on )

I am the photographic teacher at Vraa hojskole (highschool) in Denmark. Teaching students from almost all over the world in analogue photography.

We have an offer:

Come here and study a whole semester (from now to Christmas time) for 500€ (614$)
Here is what you get:
Boarding at the school
Full cost (we eat a lot, and drink much coffee…;-))
Study trip to Berlin.
14 hours of analogue teaching each week.
Optional courses which can be everything from music to arts and crafts or philosophy.)

The only other costs for you would be the trip here – money for materials and cigarettes/beer and so on….

As I normally have students from several different parts of the world, I teach mostly in English.
We play with the analogue world.

I teach:

Film based techniques ( exposure – development – darkroom)

Lightning: (daylight – painting with light – flashlight.)

Alternative techniques that will come into play: Liquid emulsion – Cyanotype – Saltprint – Albumen – bromoil printing (and maybe more)

Our darkroom has 12 enlargers – from leica format up to 13x18cm (5x7), and will be open for use 24/7.
Our studio will also be open day and night.

I have – as many in here know – many different crazy cameras and lenses: I’ll let you use some of them if you treat them right!

So what about trying Diana camera/Rolleiflex/Hasselblad/large format cameras (from Sinar Norma to ULF…)

Lenses from ancient petzvals to soft focus (universal heliar to Cooke to Plasticca…)

We are located in the very top of Denmark – close to Skagen at the top and the beautiful west coast.
The school has other main subjects than photography (fashion/design – music – Arts and so on), and many of those go well in hand with photography.

Hope to see some of you!

BTW: if you live in another country than the ones mentioned, and you really really want to come, but really really don’t have the funds, then a mail to our head mistress is never a bad idea!!

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IF you don’t already know what do, image wise, then see some images here: