After further comparison With the only color film I have available that is processed (Kodak Ektar) the mystery film was much more peach in color than the Ektar which was more orange, also the mystery film seeme clouded/milky (only slightly) compared to the Ektar, might just be age but also could be an effect of the wrong process, just more info, I've never seen c-22.

I've been shooting for over 15 years bud always had my film pro-processed so I'm a but new to this game with lack of info.

Thanks so much!

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My guess is that it is a transparency film. The FD and CD results to me indicate it is likely heavily heat (or maybe even radiation) fogged.

I also think that somehow the fogged film after reversal gives some dye couplers from the CD action to form the final colour cast.

C-41 I have never seen without the strong orange base mask. C-22 had an even stronger tinted mask, in my opinion.