I've got a paper safe with shelves that I swear I put test strips of grade #2 on shelf 2, #3 on shelf 3.

When I "run out" of test strips, I take the big scissors and go to town on a sheet of 11x14.

I cut about 2-inch strips from the 11-inch side. Last night when I did that, I had a strip that was a little less than 4x11 inches remaining. I decided not to cut it in half.

Only problem I have to deal with at the moment - I swear I picked Grade #2 strips last night but they proved to be #3. And I cut a #2 sheet of paper last night and added it to the sheets on shelf 2.

I have no idea which is which any more so I might have to throw out the strips and cut a new sheet.

I hate this prospect and am thinking of marking in pencil on the top and bottom backs of each sheet... "A - A" "B - B" etc. and then snipping an inch and popping a sensitometer test on a tiny piece of each sheet.

Going forward, I think I will pencil the grade on the back when I cut strips to prevent future mix-up.