Here's the end of things for now. A real treasure: a working, completely sound, totally viable, never-let-me-down Beseler Dichro 45 Computerized color head.

Everyone bad-mouths these because you can't get electronic parts for them any more, and all you ever hear is "my head died!" Nobody ever praises their super-accurate, super-repeatable filter value monitoring or even light output. Does everyone just abuse the hell out of these things? Mine was shipped to me (packaged well), and I've moved with it twice. And it still powers up and computes filter values good as new. I see no issues at all with it.

That said, I understand the inherent concern with these things, so I'm letting it go for a reasonable price, promising very good packaging, and will be open to whatever honest offer comes my way. The only concern at all with it is that it needs a new bulb, which will cost someone all of $5, since its a common model. It was working this morning, then I turned it on this afternoon and *pop* the bulb burned out. Oh well.

Here's proof that it powers up and does what it's meant to:


It has the 4x5 mixing box in it, so its good to go for whatever format you want it for. I used it for 35mm and the times were totally reasonable, right around 12-15 seconds.

Whoever wants it can have it for $100 or best offer +shipping. Packaging, again, will be very, very good.

Do your thing.