I like my FA alot - even more now that I installed a K3 screen. I just shot some challenging subjects this past weekend (backlit people in water in the late afternoon) and most of the exposures were right on; definitely comparable accuracy to my N80 that I was shooting at the same time. I even had the FA on P(rofessional) I normally use aperture priority but it did just fine in program with the 75-150 Series E. Fill flash was the only thing I had to work to figure out. If you use a dedicated flash on the FA, it will default to 1/250 BUT if you use a 'dumb' flash on Auto, you can easily set your fill flash ratios with the ambient exposure. My Metz 54 with the standard shoe works well for this since you can dial in the exact under or over exposure on the flash instead of messing with the ISO, but any other would work fine. The only feature I REALLY wish it had was a backlit LCD.