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Qué? You said a container holds two??
I bought two containers, and each holds just one, with ample "padding" above it. They are the same: MINI M&Ms. And mighty tasty, too.
But it gets better. I bought several: GREEN for new, RED for exposed; YELLOW for "something's not quite right with this roll", BLACK for "@&$&#! DUD" and BLUE for "XXXX stuff". SORTED!
All tubes are now in soapy water to remove the label before I put my own labels on to remind the lab to return 'em. Neato!
Could he have been referring to these:? http://www.amazon.com/Ms-Candies-Cho..._sim_sbs_gro_5

As compared to these:? http://www.amazon.com/Ms-Chocolate-M..._sim_sbs_gro_1

You can find anything on APUG