Lith Printing- I have been lith printing for a short while with some success. I'm using Arista Premium Liquid A B Lith Developer. I've used Ilford MGWT FB, Emaks, Oriental Seagull, and Arista EDU Ultra(Fomabrom Polygrade). I have tried the mixes at 1:24 and 1:9 with relative sucess. Yesterday I mixed 100A + 100B +1800 H2O +100ml OB, Temperature was roughly 68 dgs The first print came out very contrasty and was splotched. Chalked this up to liquid being to fresh. Second print developed white splotches wih a dark halo around them in all the darker areas Chalked this up to too long and did not snatch fast enough. 3rd and 4th print did much the same thing. I replenished by removing 200 ml and replacing with fresh. I also added Sodium Sulphite to the mix and this had no apparent affect on the prints. I was using 1200 ml total in an 11x14 tray printing with 8x10. Developing times started at roughly 8 min to almost 30 min. The splotches look like out of focus stars with a dark ring halo. Ranging fron 1/8 to 1/2 inch in diameter. I changed to Oriental and even when pulling the print little early it still had remnants of the same thing. If anybody has any advice I would greatly appreciate it. I am clueless right now on what could be happening.I have Rudmans book- To me his book opens doors on a subject but before it is totally explained or comprehensive examples given the door is shut to move to next subject. It gives the basics and no more.
Thanks again, Marks