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I'd have to see and feel what is there to see what can be done---I would not recommend injection unless you can do it UNDER the flap--no puncturing

my camera had bellows coming apart starting at the seam and I was able to apply glue with a qtip--you have to get the paper stiffeners back in their proper places--best is to get them off and unroll them--then you can totally re-glue and repair them---the speeds I think may be difficult--you can get maybe the front off without too much trouble putting them back on--I think the backs are in there pretty difficult to deal with--but just getting the crap out of the way--putting the bed down and removing the front standard, will help tremendously...if most are together and you can get to the place--or most of the place, that's unglued, you can do a decent repair then---but no puncturing--and it's hopeless unless you can get the stiffeners back in their right place!!!--try to fiddle with it to move the stiffeners around to the proper positioon and then re-fold properly for a while...that helps a lot too..to get them "reformed" properly.
Thanks for your input.