I'm sure if The Beach Boys owned an XA, it would have been pretty much like this one. Was this their camera? It could have been, but it also could have been used by a rival group named "The Zombies." So take your pick. I'm fairly sure it was one of the two.
This XA is very nice...shows what I'd call average wear and works well. Somebody removed the black paint from the battery cover. I never knew why but suspected it may have been a ritual of some sort and left it alone. This camera is clean and has been re-sealed...just today in fact. Rangefinder is adjusted correctly, strap is present but shows a slight place where it appears something burned it. Maybe one of the members of The Beach Boys was experimenting with cigarettes? Doesn't have any adverse effect, but it is there. $45 plus the actual cost of postage.

PayPal ok for international, check, cash or money order for USA buyers, please.