Tex Cobb? Maybe, but since that love child will never exist, I'm just going to refer to this one as Rosie O'Janis Joplin Whoopi Parker-Bowles and leave it at that. Why? Well, this camera has an odd blemish on the front which makes it look sort of...unfortunate. Maybe it could be removed using some sort of solvent, but I've never tried that. Live and let live, I say. Interestingly the film door is close to perfect and shows almost zero wear. So I give it a 5. Nice beat for dancing, Mr. Clark but I didn't dig the words.

The camera as I've said works fine, the rangefinder is adjusted correctly, the viewfinder is clean, lens is clean, coating is fine, it has been very recently re-sealed and what may be the best part is you can have it for a measly $35 plus actual cost of postage. 35 stones. Treinta y cinco. Which comes before treinta y seis.

PayPal ok for international buyers, check/cash/money order for buyers in the USA please.