Yes! For maybe the first time today you can purchase an Olympus XA2 actually used at the historic and world famous Texas Alamo. It is true. I took several pictures there and the only bad ones were when people blinked, yawned or something like that. Otherwise they were all good. Some of the pictures on the Riverwalk were ok, too. Particularly the ones before I had those salty dog drinks.

This XA2 shows about average wear, maybe less than average. Maybe 8 or 10 years ago I repainted the film door as it had some places at the corners where the paint had worn off, but it looks ok. Everything seems to be working fine and today I re-sealed it so the new owner won't have to worry about that. Nice viewfinder. Oh, just remembered...the hand strap isn't original, but it looks very much like the original and does the same job. $25 plus actual cost of postage.

PayPal ok for international. Check/cash/money order for domestic buyers please.