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While we are on the topic I have a few film questions. .... The handwriting was on the wall for E-6 for some time. Now that Kodak is no longer making slide film maybe Fuji, at the new higher prices, can make it a while longer. When a 36 exp. roll of Portra 800 sells for more than $10 I have to wonder how much longer it will be around. I can see a time when all of my film cameras will only have b&w to shoot with and all color work will be digital. Does anyone know whether Agfa-Gevaert is still coating film? What ever became of the Foto-Impex project to coat b&w films similer to APX 100 and 400 using old machinery from Agfaphoto?
Provia and Velvia are not significantly more expensive than professional negative films, at lest not Portra and Ektar. I just checked Freestyle and Provia is actually slightly less than Portra. There are no cheap amateur slide films from Fuji anymore though. The death of slide film is due to vast improvement in negative film and consumer preference, not price.

Why is this in the Fotokemika thread which has nothing whatsoever to go with color materials?