Some of the "you don't get that with digital" factor is the lenses available for larger formats - especially when you get into the bigger-than-4x5 formats. Very little can hold a candle (in a modern-ish lens) to a Kodak Commercial Ektar for a portrait lens, something you'd never be able to take advantage of with digital in any currently available format (well, maybe a BetterLight 4x5 scanning back, but you get the idea). And a Verito, Vesta, Vitax or Heliar? Fuggedaboutit!

Welcome back to analog large format. And don't stop at just 4x5! I shot 4x5 for a while, then size creep kicked in, and now I'm mostly shooting 6.5x8.5 (yes you can get film for that) and 5x7, but I have a 14x17 in my arsenal. Nothing quite like a life-size headshot, contact printed.