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Provia and Velvia are not significantly more expensive than professional negative films, at lest not Portra and Ektar. I just checked Freestyle and Provia is actually slightly less than Portra. There are no cheap amateur slide films from Fuji anymore though. The death of slide film is due to vast improvement in negative film and consumer preference, not price.

Why is this in the Fotokemika thread which has nothing whatsoever to go with color materials?
Continuing the colour film conversation, which I agree has nothing to do with Fotokemika... AgfaPhoto sell CT Precisa slide film for about 3.50 per roll (from a ten pack) or slightly more for individual rolls. This is made by Fuji and is apparently a slightly modified version of Provia 100. This I think is the last cheap consumer slide film readily available. There is also the Rollei CR200, which again is under 4 per roll, but a slightly more niche product and not widely available outside specialist stores. I would say that at least in 135 format pro slide film is still significantly more expensive than colour negative.

Actually that is one question i've never had a satisfactory answer for. Why the ridiculous difference in price between pro slide film in 135 and 120 format? Provia 400x is somewhere between 5-6 per roll in 120 and over 10 in 135. Provia 100f is available for 3.20 per roll in 120, but 8.39 for 135! It is roughly the same film surface area and generally I guess 135 sells more, so production of canisters and packing material can't account for it. Also Fuji can clearly make slide film for AgfaPhoto at a fraction of the cost, so are they just trying to kill it off as a consumer product?

Back on topic, I really hope this isn't the end for Efke.