Dear Fellow APUGgers,

3 years ago I joined APUG with no more knowledge about chemical photography than developer, stop and fix. Since that time though, the study and history of analog photography has become something of an all consuming hobby of mine. This is in no small part thanks to the many people here that have fostered an atmosphere of collaboration, research, innovation, knowledge sharing and most importantly, a love for photography's past.

Although I've not been able to show a lot for my work, in terms of physical examples and practical results, my efforts have been primarily spent in understanding, researching, and compiling information about techniques and processes; always with the hope of doing something with this in the future. APUG has allowed me to connect with so many people in the photography world that I feel fairly certain saying that without it, this passion could not have grown the way it did.

So, with that in mind, I'm excited to announce that in October I will be relocating to Rochester, NY to begin a more serious study under the tutelage of our dear friend Ron Mowrey, a.k.a. Photo Engineer. In addition to learning as much as I can from Ron about emulsion making and photographic chemistry, I'll be an intern at the George Eastman House where I'll be able to learn from and assist Mark Osterman. In addition to helping out with the workshops there and utilizing the facilities, I'll be involved with Mark and others in resurrecting a number of processes that have yet to see the light of day. I couldn't be more thankful to Ron for accepting me as an apprentice, and also to Mark for granting me intern status at GEH. The resources available in Rochester are going to be absolutely wonderful, and I'm incredibly excited to take on this challenge; putting rubber to the road, money where my mouth is and learning to walk the walk.

I wanted to share this with everybody on APUG because I feel like I've gotten to know a lot of the people here over the last three years and I really cherish the community that exists. With that in mind, I owe many of you a heartfelt thanks. Rest assured that I'll be sharing as much as I can on APUG and my hope is that I can contribute meanginfully to an appreciation and understanding of analog photography. Now that the Digital Revolution is over, it's time for a Renaissance!

At the ripe age of 26.875, I've never lived further than 30 miles from my hometown, so moving east 1000 miles is going to be quite an exciting journey. I'll be leaving my family, loved ones, my closest friends, the towns I've gotten to know so well, and in short, a comfy life. But as Thoreau said, "Nothing makes the Earth seem so spacious as to have friends at a distance; they make the latitudes and longitudes"... I guess I'm ready to widen my world a bit. Fortunately though I'll have people in Rochester looking out for me, which is a great feeling.

All I ask is that you guys and gals wish me the best... and Ron too!

Yours sincerely,

Chris Holmquist
Lawrence, KS