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Like LJH says - softdrink / water bottles. The clear stuff, not the soft milky stuff. Look for a triangular "recyclable" imprint in the plastic of the bottle near the bottom, it should have a 1 in it and say PETE below. At least this coke bottle I'm looking at now does. PETE is used for softdrink bottles because its gas permeability is quite low, so the drinks don't go flat on the shelf and it's great for keeping the oxygen out of your developer.

I use butane lighter-refill to exclude the oxygen. You must get it ALL out or the colour dev will die, even refrigerated.
Thanks pg, I knew there had to be a good reason for coke existing. Last weekend I came across a device used to expel air from opened wine bottles and replace it with an inert gas, I assume this would work with the c-41 chems like the butane gas. It was in a pressurised cyclinder and cost about $15 I think, might have to look into it a bit further.