this really Gloria Patri's Miranda Automex II? It is if you want it to be. Gloria and Doc Zollogy and Yuka Rhist used to travel the old west and take lots of pictures using this Automex. This isn't the prettiest thing, but don't be put off by that. Let me get the negatives out of the way first, ok? There's notable tripod damage to the bottom plate. The little red/not red spot to show you the camera is cocked isn't working. The prism isn't really an Automex prism, either. I'm not sure what Miranda model it was for, but it wasn't the Automex. That's pretty much the end of negatives. Oh, wait...the leather case is for an Automex III, but fortunately you're going to be getting an Automex II. So what are the good points? The winding & cocking are very nice and the shutter is smooth, quiet and seems accurate. The mirror is clean and so is the focus screen and prism. The meter uses no batteries and unlike many selenium meters, this one overexposes. And in case some of you are thinking "huh? overexposing is a good thing?" You bet it is! The best thing. Just use a known good meter, the "Sunny 16 Rule" or even the "Sonny Bono Suggestion" to establish a known good reading and adjust your aperture, shutter speed and film speed setting to match this. That's can change the film speed to make this meter work just fine! And you'll never need batteries. The lens (a Miranda 50mm / 1.9) is nice and smooth, and the aperture is working just fine. If you've never owned a Miranda, you should know the lenses are really nice. Sharp detail and capable of producing commercial quality work. In fact, I'll attach a scan of a picture I took with this lens so you can see. I think you'll enjoy this camera. I certainly took plenty of good pictures with it. $35 plus actual cost of postage.

PayPal ok for international buyers but check, cash or money order for buyers in the USA please.