I used to have leaks like that until I got real fussy about handling the film. I learned I had to load the take-up reel exactly centered, and keep tension on the fresh spool. It is surprisingly easy to get a wrinkle in the backing paper, which then allows a light leak where you would never believe possible. Just as important when removing the loaded reel to keep tension on the film backing paper until gummed paper has dried enough to keep film from slipping.
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Hi All.

I've just received the first pictures taken with my Agfa Isolette. Surprisingly, they've come out at least half decently exposed considering that all of the exposures were set using the sunny 16 rule. Unfortunately (or maybe, inevitably) there is a light leak in the system somewhere as you can see from the example.

I presume this is from a pinhole in the bellows because there are signs of bellows damage. I've tried the bellows with a flashlight and I can't see any light getting out, But is this a completely reliable test? Or could there be some different problem afoot?

The two images in the range-finder are slightly out of alignment (one being slightly above the other) but apart from that it seems to be focussing accurately. I can live with the range-finder, but the bellows need fixing. There's a place in the UK where they make bellows for these cameras. I'd like the Royal Blue one. But I don't want to fit one if they will need to remove it when I get the range-finder adjusted. So does anyone know if the finder can be fixed with the bellows in place?

Chris B.

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