Since you are moving to Rochester, there are several things that I learned when I worked there:
  • Rochester looks great in snow.
  • Spring is wonderful, do not miss the Lilac Festival Walk around High Land Park during the Festival.
  • Fall is great, however if you want to shoot fall colors and waterfall, you need to know that the Finger Lakes and the rivers in Western New York are formed by the retreating glaciers. The rivers run North. The sun does not shine or only shines on the waterfalls for short times during the day [and never at night, but I digress.]. To get photographs of Sun illuminated waterfalls use this software: and read there tutorials: Highly recommended by humble me. [Insert disclaimer about not connected to the enterprise by friendship or economically.]
  • Kodak was founded in Rochester because it is the World's largest natural darkroom.
  • The standard 18% Gray card is the same color as the sky in Rochester.
  • During the winter, stop signs and traffic lights are merely advisory. Drive appropriately.
  • The local newspaper is called the Democrat and Chronicle, is called the "D&C". As a male you should know that Rochester NY is the only place in the World where a male can get a DNC! Warning: Keep your legs together and never turn you back! You have been warned!