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here on APUB
This place is sort of like a pub.
Mostly friendly and jovial, lots of discussion, some disagreements, some arguments, some risque' humor, some dirty jokes, some clean jokes, some witticisms; a few who think they're funnier than they are, a few who think they're smarter than they are, some who are all talk, a know-it-all or two, an obnoxious jerk or two, a few who arrive clearly drunk; a couple of professorial types, some really smart non-professorial types, some young ones to whom it's all new, some who sit off in a corner and watch the goings on with amusement, lots of just regular folks; and through it all, the overworked, underpaid help, who try to keep a semblance of order, and the overworked, underpaid owner, who just wants to keep the fun flowing, but ends up spending most of his time keeping up the building.