Sometimes you just have to get stubborn when someone tells you your work is crap or takes personal jabs at you. I had my own experiences with "teachers" and "guidance counsellors" who thought their way was the only right way, and that anyone who "didn't get it" was too stupid to be in their class. Well, those clowns are probably still rotting away in a classroom, endlessly repeating the same coursework and drivel year in and year out. I got my degree, despite my "stupidity", and never looked back. Sometimes it is a good thing to be out "in the world" before college, so you already know your own mind and how to separate out the nonsense. Similarly. there is a website out there (not the one we used to grouse about) that has various categories for photos. The high rated photos of flowers all follow one formula... tight cropping, side lighting and stark black background. Anything that does not fit this formula is rated lower. I don't shoot that way. So, what to do? I shoot MY way and to hell with the "formula".