[color=black][font=Verdana]Please excuse me for thinking out aloud and please feel free to offer your thoughts.

When I first came to APUG I was a dedicated SLR shooter, after eventually working my way up to a Nikon F100.

Since being here I seem to have gathered a collection of "classic" cameras and got the taste for becoming increasingly in control of what and how I shoot. I've found that a little Centon K100 with an old Pentax lens is giving me all I want from an SLR and it's fully manual. The Pentax glass gives me sharp contrasty images which meet my tastes.

I've also fallen in love with the Canonet RF I picked up the other week. I find not only do I again have full manual control over my pictures, but I can handhold down to 1/15th sec, move around the streets without people asking me if I'm from the paper and is there anything exciting going on. In fact I've only been approached once and that was by a guy who recognised my new beastie as a Canonet.

So now to the problem, I have a near (if not completely) mint Nikon F100 sitting in the cupboard not being used. I know it's an amazing camera and has opened doors in the past as the police see it and wave me through at some events. It's sitting there if I feel I need a real workhorse, but that's the real problem. It's sitting there doing nothing on the off chance I might find a use for it.

So do I keep it or is it time to sell it to a new home where it will be lovingly exercised?

Ho hum ..... why can't life be simple [/font][/color]