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may be time for everyone to buy some film from Ilford and either shoot itup or throw it away, just to keep them busy.

just saying ....
Well, I would hope that wouldn't be necessary. I use FP4 Plus more than anything else from Ilford (besides their paper) but I just put a bunch on ice a couple months ago. Wouldn't normally plan on buying anymore until this time next year but...I guess you never know!

You know, it sounds almost as if Fotokemika is cannibalizing parts from the broken machines to keep the others running. Maybe they ran out of used parts for their paper machines.

As for distribution, it seems that the IR820 and KB 25 are the emulsions that seem to be running out the quickest, and that in 35mm and large format. I would not be at all surprised to learn that distribution hasn't changed a bit. I suspect that there has been a run on some of these emulsions as this news became more widely known. The distribution is likely the same, but that isn't sufficient to keep the stores stocked right now. I know that I disrupted my normal film buying routine to buy extra Efke KB 25 this month. If I have changed my own film buying I would not be at all surprised that others have as well.