I don't consider myself 'seasoned' at all, but I feel that if I try hard enough, one day I'll produce photographs that will be worth seeing. Until now, my primary tools for street photography have been SLRs, namely a Canon F-1n and an FTb. I used to shoot different lenses, but eventually settled on the 50mm f1.4 - a lens that is as good as it is expendable. It gives me a certain feeling of security, walking around with easily replacable gear instead of a 10.000$ Leica setup.
Lately, I've noticed that using manual-everything SLRs can be too slow for street photography. I've missed quite a few opportunities because I was fumbling around with my camera. That's why I'm currently saving some money for a Bessa R3a and 50mm lens.

By the way, how do you guys feel about filters? I never use one, not even UV. Uncoated ones flare, multicoated ones attract dirt and are impossible to clean on the go. I also rather like the low-contrast look with lots of shadow detail that I get from unfiltered light.

I have some recent photographs up on my blog, which is in my signature line.