That's exactly what they've done. They're now trying to repair stuff that they used to just throw on the website in the old AS IS section, and, if it's going to be too expensive to repair, they throw the items up on eBay. Case in point, for them to sell a Nikkormat FT2 with an overhauled meter, they'd have to get at least $175-$200 for it, before it'd be worth their time and parts. It's a nice looker, but does fit into their BGN grade, since there are some bubbles in the leatherette and some paint loss on the back. Now, in my case, as an end user, I probably will go ahead and push it through a full overhaul later this year, just to make sure that it's 100% reliable and in good working order. I know I won't recoup my investment if I do what I normally do, which is to sell something within a few months of acquiring it, so I'll probably do what I'm doing with my F and F2, and just use it. Let it continue to produce photos.